5 Games to Play with Your Significant Other

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Keeping a relationship strong is tough this day in age. We are bogged down by work, school and other responsibilities that we forget to nurture our relationships with our significant others.

I have compiled a list of multiplayer games that are perfect to play with your partner-in-crime (or no crime hopefully) and are ones I have/will play with my husband. Be aware that you need two consoles or gaming PC’s to play this style.

  1. Left 4 Dead (2)
Left 4 Dead via Steam

I recently played this game with my husband and it is a perfect co-op game to play if you enjoy taking down hordes of zombies and coordinating who leads the group.

It is an older game but it has a lot of potential. There are waves of different kinds of undead to go up against and what is better than having someone by your side through it all?

2. The Division

The Division via Steam

2015’s release of Tom Clancy’s The Division wasn’t as well received as people thought.

It is still relatively enjoyable if you’re playing with friends. I recently started playing it on the PC after there was a sale on Steam selling it for $8! My hubby already owned it so he waited until I got past the intro missions before we did missions together.

I will likely have to build myself up for a bit because the enemies automatically go to the level he is at which is much higher than mine. Either way, still an enjoyable game to play as a couple.

3. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA Online)

GTA V via Steam

I must have played the single-player campaign a million times because I enjoy the open world aspect of the game.

I didn’t play the online version too much and when I do I try to go on a private server with friends. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people who love watching the (virtual) world burn and will terrorize the hell out of your character.

Having a partner do side missions and races make this game more enjoyable and can make it a lot easier to level up.

4. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 via Steam

I absolutely adore this game. I never played any of the previous games because the story didn’t interest me but having the option to play as a female character is what drew me in.

Now I only played this with one of my best friends and not my husband, but it still applies that it would be great to play as a couple. There is so much to do in Hope County and having another person play makes it more hilarious and fun.

5. Borderlands (2)

I have to play with another person to get through these games because the combat is difficult. I am not fond of first-person shooters, if I do play them I toggle the option for assisted shooting.

The stories are what I play for, and sharing that experience with the one you love will make it much more memorable. This game is fast paced and has hilarious banter between characters.

It is a short but sweet list on games that are perfect for couples and can guarantee a fun night regardless of experience with games.

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